At Thy Word

"And Simon answering said unto Him, Master, we have toiled all the night, and have taken nothing: nevertheless, at thy word, I will... ...

At Thy Word

"And Simon answering said unto Him, Master, we have toiled all the night, and have taken nothing: nevertheless, at thy word, I will... 
let down the net.” Luke 5:5.

I have always loved this passage. So much is said here in just those few words spoken by Simon Peter to his Master. The fishermen, after fishing all night, surely were discouraged. Surely they were tired; most likely they had had enough; they had left their ship and were cleaning their nets.

But Jesus knowing their needs, as well as their desire, entered their boat and after speaking to a crowd at the lake known as Gennesaret (the Sea of Galilee) He encouraged Simon Peter with a brief instruction.

"Launch out into the deep, and let down your nets for a draught."

I probably shouldn't, but I absolutely love Simon Peter's response. He informed Jesus they had already been out all night. He basically got his two cents in ("We've been out all night!") before responding in obedience. "...nevertheless at thy word, I will let down the net."

Now to top it all off, Simon as well as the others, were astonished at what was then their success. They had so much success in fact, that their net began to brake.  What is more, when their nets were full they shared their success with their partners in another ship - until their ships began to sink! Now, that's a mighty fine blessing and I love that it was a blessing shared among "brothers" - Andrew, James and John were the others in the boats that day.

But what I love most about what we see in Peter's response is that we are able to tell God what He already knows, exactly as Peter did. I love that we even sometimes dare show a lack of faith, (and a bit of back talk) as Peter did here; but when we are obedient, in the end...our nets are full. And no, that doesn't mean our life will be without trial.

In reverence, Simon Peter fell at Jesus' feet and repented of his lack of faith. I would have had to, too; sometimes my doubt can really get the best of me. But also, if I had been Peter, I'm sure I would have been amazed that Jesus even showed any interest at all in my day to day trials. Peter correctly showed deep humility and awe for One he knew was so much greater. And in the end, Jesus called the fishermen to a more important catch. Theirs was a call to be fishers of men.

Something else that should be encouraging to us in this passage is that we see God doesn't give up on us. This was the second call on these men's lives. After the first call, which can be read in Matthew 4:18-22, they had gone back to fishing. But now, Jesus sought them out once again, right where they were, to bring them into His will for their lives.

If only we would learn to say first, "Nevertheless, Lord; at thy word, I will..."

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