At Thy Word

"And Simon answering said unto Him, Master, we have toiled all the night, and have taken nothing: nevertheless, at thy word, I will... ...



"I just feel like there is a book in me," I am known to have said. I have always simply felt the need to write. Without a doubt, I have always enjoyed writing. I find it relaxing; I find it fulfilling; I find it compelling.

Years ago, I felt the Lord was encouraging me to write a book and the title was to be: At Thy Word.  I never seemed to find the time, however, to begin work on that title. Life, got in the way, and my goal was never realized. Over the years, though, I fulfilled my desire to write in a number of other ways. I blogged; I created websites; I wrote a cookbook; I wrote my father's memoirs; and then my mama's;
but always with my book title remaining at the back of my mind; a continual component of my heart’s desire.

Devotionals– I know there are many. For some time, I have been encouraged by others to write a devotional. Indeed, it has been another thought of mine, from time to time, never brought to fruition …until now.  I certainly never intended that title for my book -given to me all those years ago - to become an on-line devotional…nevertheless, at Thy Word....